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Back in 2002 TRDC protected us from development that might release deadly asbestos into the air or water supply with it's ‘Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy’. A common sense planning policy that said if development activity on contaminated land isn't guaranteed 100% risk free for you, your kids and our water supply it "must not be allowed".

A few years ago TRDC dropped that policy and now defers to vague national regulations. End result: the Council now takes developer's word for it when they want to build on top of and inevitably release asbestos into the air and water in Maple Cross.

Despite grave objections from experts, including Affinity Water, holes in Council policy mean a huge warehouse development is planned on top of the aquifer in Maple Cross - requiring 2500 giant piles around17 metres deep to be driven into the chalk aquifer.

According to independent experts, and common sense, the work risks fracturing the aquifer and contaminating groundwater with a variety of toxins from the site, in at least four unavoidable ways.

This is not a remote risk: Chalk is brittle!!!

If our aquifer is even slightly damaged: game over. Forever. The borehole is closed. The aquifer becomes unusable. There is no compensation for us.

We think that TRDC should reintroduce its no nonsense 2002 policy to PROTECT OUR WATER SUPPLY. Do you agree with us? If so vote YES, on the pop-up survey.

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