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Planning White Paper

We held a Zoom meeting with our MP Gagan Mohindra and subsequently wrote to both him and his government expressing our opposition to the proposed changes, which are immense. Developers have donated £11 million pounds within the last year to the government and since this paper will entirely benefit developers, we will let you draw your own conclusions.

What the changes will not do is protect greenbelt, areas of natural beauty, etc.

What it will do is reduce the level of democracy - giving residents and business only one say every five years! So if a developer decides to build a block of flats right next to your bungalow, you will not be given a chance to voice your opinions - they will be irrelevant.

It will also increase the numbers of houses that TRDC will have to indirectly build and since we have so few brownfield sites they will nearly all be placed on existing greenbelt.

Unsurprisingly developers welcome it, but we are not aware of any other organisation in the country that is heralding it as a positive move!

We will update this when the government makes its next move.

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