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I just wanted to share a final reminder that we have until 5pm this Friday to oppose to the council's plans to build 1,783 dwellings plus warehouses on the green belt farmland around Maple Cross / Rickmansworth. Full instructions on how and where to object (it only takes five minutes) can be found here:

The construction work could take up to 15 years and will no doubt cause longer journeys for many of us, more disruption on our roads, more air pollution, while wiping out hundreds of acres of land that are home to dozens of species of birds, bats, badgers, deer, foxes and other wildlife.

It will increase the air pollution - housebuilding alone could create approximately 142,640 tonnes of CO2 just in Maple Cross!!! The construction traffic will impact our PM2.5 levels - of which there is no safe level - and cause a decline in everyone’s health.

I hope you can find the time to object to the proposals.

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