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A company sited on this road has not sought planning permission for change of use of premises. The influx of HGVs is at an unprecedented and unacceptable level. Vehicles arrive and depart throughout the day and night, right into the early hours of the morning. It is making the area unsightly and their floodlighting is causing a nuisance to both residents and wildlife.

This is currently under investigation by TRDC and they are ‘building their case’. Many residents have already written to TRDC and now we have also raised the issue. We will keep you updated on TRDC’s progress.

Finally an update: TRDC have issued Planning Contravention Notices to four companies involved in this area. It requires them to explain specifically what they are doing both on the land and within the immediate area. They have a great deal to answer to considering they are ruining the area and causing nuisance. They have 21 days to respond to the enquiry as to whether they are in breach of Planning Control. We assume we know the answers already!! However, we will keep you posted.


Passengers or should I say, would be passengers are experiencing great difficulty actually either getting on a bus or at the right time!

We have written to Arriva stating: A number of residents have voiced many concerns regarding your buses. This is particularly worrying for members of our community that are more vulnerable. The main problems are:

Buses not showing up / late arrival eg half an hour or more / timetable dictating that buses are at times 1 hour apart.

This is an appalling ‘service’ and urge you to address matters with expediency.

We now eagerly await their response

22.1 Finally got this response from Arriva:

The change to the 520 service was a commercial decision in order to keep the route financially viable.

The timetable has been constructed to provide a 30 minute service to Rickmansworth and an hourly service to Watford. The Rickmansworth Service links up with the 320 service that provides onward travel through to Watford and beyond to Hemel. Also the 320 service has been extended on three trips a day in order to cover a gap in the 520 timetable during the peak times.

I have looked at the lost mileage for the route over the last few weeks, and there have been cases where a journey has been missed due to staff illness or breakdown but the vehicle/driver has been subbed as quickly as it could, resulting in the loss of an individual journey in most cases.

As the route is now covered by two vehicles, any issue with traffic on the route has a negative effect on the punctuality on that bus until it is able to catch up the time. Looking at the late running reports, I can see that there have been issues with traffic on the Clarendon Road diversion and there is also a diversion in Croxley Green now due to the closure of Sherbourne Way.


There has been a rumour circulating that the JMI School was to be closed and a replcement built alongside the Reach Free School.

Clarification has been sought and found that this is unsubstantiated. Apparently the land to the north of the Reach Free School has been “earmarked” for educational use so it could expand or add another educational facility in the future, however this will not affect the JMI School. Thanks to Councillor Phil Williams for the update.


The bus Timetable that has been published for 2020, states that the 520 bus from Maple Cross will terminate at Rickmansworth instead of Watford.

We believe that this is solely a discrepancy in the Timetable which is not published by the bus company.

Resolved - discrepancy!


People parking on the pavement near to McColls, this is especially hazardous to those in wheelchairs and those pushing prams.

This matter has been raised and an update will be provided as soon as possible.

UPDATE/CONCLUSION: It is not illegal for motorists to park on the pavement within our County however it is illegal to obstruct the pavement. So if you are unable to pass a vehicle parked on the pavement please ring the Police, it is a matter that falls under their jurisdiction.


If this is given Notice to Proceed with the main construction works, right on our very doorstep, HS2 expect the workforce to increase from January 2020. The numbers of workers will rise to approximately 1100 - 1200 people working in the main compound. The size of the workforce will be maintained at this level until early 2023, when numbers of workers are expected to steadily decrease.

West Hyde residents, along with so many others, have campaigned tirelessly against this.

Apparently the co-author of the HS2 report states that the review has failed to scrutinise the project’s ballooning costs properly and has produced an unbalanced report. The decision was being delayed until after the election. Since they are already looking at reduced speeds, cutting at least part of the Y-shaped line and will avoid tunnelling through London now and stop at Old Oak Common is there really any point in continuing it? At a projected cost, in excess of 100 billion pounds, could our money have been better spent on other projects?

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Gary Armstrong
Gary Armstrong
Feb 21, 2020

just read through all make a good read it now great to see every one pulling to gether as for the parking down macolls iv spoke to the police many time an all they say is take a photo of the noumber plate an send it to them. as im sat in a wheelchair . went to do that one day untill I see the size of the guy come out the shop hence I moved on hahahaha any way great work every one

gary armstrong comittie member


Dec 18, 2019

Thank you for all your comments it is great to see the community starting t9 work together!! I am going to write to our new MP in regard to HS2 and request that the review is looked at from the business perspective, affordability, environmental and human cost!!

I will let you know what response I get, Karen Bradley, Chairperson of the Maple Cross and West Hyde RA

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